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Application characteristics of various granulators

Author: Powerful Plastic Machinery Time:2022-10-13 15:07:25 Read:402

Disc granulator (also known as ball plate) is a volumetric metering feeding equipment, which can uniformly and continuously feed materials to the next process, and may suffer from large warehouse pressure. As the feeding equipment for fine particle materials, it is applicable to transporting various non cohesive materials in powder, material or small block shape, such as pulverized coal, cement, clinker, limestone, shale, coal gangue, clay and other powder, particle or small block materials. It can be widely used in gold dressing plants, coal mining plants, chemical industry, infrastructure and mechanized forging workshops for continuous, uniform and quantitative feeding and batching. This machine has simple layout, convenient mediation and excellent functions. This machine is not suitable for transporting materials with high viscosity, difficult movement and extremely good fluidity. The disc granulator has the following advantages: high balling rate, large round particle strength, intuitive operation, easy repair, etc.   

The pan type fertilizer granulator is manufactured in a personal circular arc layout, and three discharge outlets are renovated by taking advantage of the new skills, which depresses the appearance of continuous homework and advances the production. The disc fertilizer granulator adopts a new type of accelerator, which drives and shakes, alleviates the attack, makes it firm and durable, and has a long service life.

The flat mold kneading fertilizer granulation machine is mainly used to granulate various organic fertilizers after fermentation. This kind of large-scale equipment breaks through the original production foundation. In the process of work, the flat mold fertilizer granulation machine group can be used to directly process into spherical particles, which saves power and power consumption.

Double roller compound fertilizer granulation Large equipment of double roller compound fertilizer granulation machinery can directly granulate dry powder materials under normal temperature. It can not only produce multi-element compound fertilizer based on ammonium bicarbonate, urea, ammonium phosphate, potassium chloride, etc., but also be used for granulation of magnetic fertilizer and rare earth fertilizer. The fertilizer granulating machine does not need large drying equipment, and the granules are of high strength.

Large scale equipment of inorganic fertilizer is an essential enterprise product for organic fertilizer manufacturers at the moment. The fertilizer granulating machinery is developed with Chinese characteristics and is a descendant of technical means. These inorganic fertilizer granulating machines have great advantages in value and function, and become popular large-scale equipment in the market today. Fertilizer granulator production line The fertilizer granulator production line is matched with the disk cleaner and the pelletizer. The broken and cleaned plastic can be directly put into extrusion granulation without drying. The process is simple, and it is used for non waste plastics. The fertilizer granulating machine adopts automatic temperature control and electric heating, with less power consumption and no contamination. The electric die head advances the mission function and shortens the time for workers to change the screen.

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