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What are the advantages and features of the granulator

Author: Powerful Plastic Machinery Time:2022-10-13 15:12:16 Read:467

The granulator can choose different materials, including alloy, ceramics, stainless steel, surfacing, etc., which is more suitable for mixing and granulating more materials.

Advantages of granulator on a year-on-year basis:

1. The equipment granulation has good uniformity and fluidity, and the manufactured particles are of high purity and quality.

2. The production process is simplified. The mixing and granulation functions are performed on this equipment, which is more convenient for control. One time forming reduces the production process.

3. The particle size of the product can be adjusted by changing the operating conditions, which is convenient for equipment control and management

The granulator is a special kind of equipment. It realizes dual mechanical power through strong countercurrent movement, which can promote the materials to run faster in the barrel. The operation speed is fast, and the quality is easier to improve. The zirconia granulation technology is strong, and the process level is high, which promotes the better improvement of the particle quality.

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