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plastic mill

plastic mill

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Main features:

1. The frame is made of solid square tube steel.

2. The box is made of 40mm thick solid steel.

3. The screen is made of 10mm thick steel, which is durable.

4. The upper space of the machine is high and covered by the belt, and there is no flakiness popping out.

Applicable materials

1. PET bottle, beverage bottle label, bottle cap

2. PE film, agricultural film, bag, PE pipe, water pipe, drainage pipe.

3. PP woven bag, PP bucket, PP cup, PP film, plate, tray and basket

4. LDPE/HDPE film, plate, sheet, block and plate

5. Rubber tire, injection molded rubber/plastic materials

6. TV shell, keyboard, mouse, TV remote control, toy, flashlight, plastic helmet.

Folder, manual rack, canvas, coat hanger, bumper, fuel tank

7. Nylon

8. Nonwovens


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