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Plastic granulator

Plastic granulator

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1. The granulation process is as follows:

Material selection -- crushing and cleaning -- automatic feeding -- automatic temperature control and heating -- melting -- mixing -- exhaust extrusion -- wire drawing -- cooling -- automatic cutting.

2. Use of plastic granulator.

Plastic granulator is widely used to recycle waste plastic raw materials, such as HDPE, LDPE, PE, PP, PET, ABS, etc.

3. Advantages of plastic granulator.

(1). High yield

(2). The main components (reducer, motor, frequency converter) are domestic famous brands, with guaranteed quality, long service life and good performance.

(3). The appearance is exquisite and the surface treatment is beautiful.

(4). Competitive price, high-quality equipment, fast delivery.

(5). It adopts pneumatic conversion and strong wind blowing, equipped with water cooling and dehydrator, and can adjust the stainless steel storage container. It can operate at high speed for a long time, stably extrude, and the production capacity can reach 50kg/h-700kg/h.


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